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Each semester, all newly starting and current Boğaziçi University students are expected to register at the University during the pre-announced registration period (usually 2-4 days in the week before the start of classes). Students cannot attend courses, participate at class work, fulfill course, project requirements nor do thesis related work without registration. Students who remain unregistered for one semester or more are dropped out of the program and the University. Each student must satisfy the announced requirements/conditions for registration, consult his/her academic advisor for his/her academic program and than complete his/her registration on-line at the University Registrar's web site. More information on the registration process can be obtained at the Registrar's Office web site.

Some useful information about registration is provided below.

  • A student's registration will not be completed unless his/her proposed courses and schedule is sent to and approved by his/her academic advisor.
  • It is strictly the student's responsibility to check whether the proposed course list and the schedule are approved by the advisor.
  • A student should check his/her registration status during the registration period. Otherwise, (if something is amiss or the advisor has not approved for some reason) he/she may remain unregistered and may be forced to request permission to complete his/her registration at the late registration period (which is usually scheduled to the second week of classes).

Online Registration Guide

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