Course Descriptions


ETM 500 Communication Skills for Engineers

Development of oral and written communication skills; fundamentals of report writing and technical document preparation; fundamentals of preparing and delivering public speech and presentations; design of research in managerial decision making; design and presentation of survey studies.


ETM 501 Applied Statistics and Design of Experiments

An overview of efficient methods of data collection and analysis in various fields of engineering and technology applications; exposition of experimental design concepts and statistical modeling tools of data analysis; role of experimental design in engineering studies; fundamental statistical concepts; comparison of more than two treatments (ANOVA analysis); factorial designs; regression and correlation analysis; response surface methodology; Taguchi's contribution to experimental design; hands-on experimental tests on engineering applications.

ETM 502 Project Management in Engineering and Technology

Classification of engineering and technology projects; project manager/project team/project organization/ negotiations and conflict resolution; project budgeting (cost estimation, escalations and bid preparation); project scheduling techniques; resource allocation; materials distribution and logistics; human resources management; computerized project management information systems (PIMS); project schedule and cost control; project termination and auditing; real-life project management cases.


ETM 512 Engineering Economics and Finance

Interest/time-money relations; basic methods for economic studies; comparison of investment alternatives; techniques of financial analysis and planning; methods of financing for engineering projects; capital budgeting/portfolio analysis; depreciation/ income tax/inflation; economic studies for public projects; breakeven/sensitivity/risk analysis; case studies in strategic financial management.


ETM 521 Strategic Technology Management

Planning technological change in diversified corporations; understanding invention - the heart of technological change; implementing new technology in new products/services/ manufacturing; forecasting the economic impacts of technological change; forecasting technological change and planning research.


ETM 532 Legal Issues in Engineering and Technology

Definition of law; classification of law; basic concepts of public and private law; classification of private law; contracts; types of contracts; agency; work contract; know-how, technical assistance, trade mark, and patent license agreements; product liability and environmental law; liabilities of board members, managers and shareholders; resolution of legal conflicts; case studies covering various related contract types and conflicts.


ETM 551 Integrated Product Development

An overview of product and process development methodology enabling simultaneous cost reduction, increased customer satisfaction, increased quality and reduced cycle time; major phases of product and process development; competitive manufacturing strategies; concurrent engineering; design for manufacturing; quality function deployment; value engineering; product architecture; process engineering; information modeling with a special attention to the changing nature of new product introduction in high technology companies; case studies in the above topics.

ETM 555 Design of Information Systems

Foundations of computer communications and network technology (network architectures and protocols); data collection systems and devices; client-server and 3-tier architectures; data-base management systems (data-base linkages and object-oriented paradigm); information system life-cycle; business analysis methodologies; functions and behavior of engineering and technology enterprises; enterprise integration in engineering and technology management; a framework to develop a reference model for information system design; design for evolutionary systems.


ETM 581-582 Case Studies in ETM

Investigation of engineering and technology management problems through factory visits and seminars. Teamwork applications and projects on related problems.


ETM 580, ETM 584-590, ETM 593-599 Special Topics in ETM

Special topics in Engineering and Technology Management selected to suit the interests of the individual students.


ETM 591 Project I 
Interdisiplinary project development by each student under the supervision of a faculty member. Special focus on designing solution procedures for real life problems.


ETM 592 Project II 
Interdisiplinary project development by each student under the supervision of a faculty member. Special focus on designing solution procedures for real life problems.